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What Has Donald Done Now?

A Feeble Attempt at Keeping Track of Everything You Need To Know


Trump's words, big words, lotsa good words


trump pac video

Trump's most presidential words and phrases, as tweeted

trump talking about trump

Trump Quote Slideshow

trumpisms broken down by subject


Trump PAC Video

Whoever said SuperPacs aren't spending money on DJ Trump's campaign, was dead wrong. IN fact, several special Interest PACS have begun keeping track of things Donald J. Trump says, and spending money to broadcast his message. He has such great words - the best words - big words. 

We know listening to Donald can be a heavy lift but we think there's value in collecting the little bits of auditory breadcrumbs he absentmindedly tosses over his shoulder wherever he goes.

 National Ad Campaign courtesy of, A Super PAC.

Trump's most presidential words and phrases, as tweeted.


New York Magazine's Trump Dictionary


Trump On Trump

What he says matters, and he says a bunch of stuff. Here he is on Iraq, Libya, Lyin Hillary, and Egypt.

Trump Quote Slideshow

Don't have time for lots of fancy scrolling down? Here's a cheat sheet slide show of just a sampling of the amazingly historical words that come out of Donald J. Trump's mouth.

Trumpisms Broken Down By Subject

Accurate quotes, historical quotes, words you can pass on to our next generation, don't ya think?

Yes, these are all huge things said by Donald J. Trump while in the public arena.

Forget political correctness, boooooo, that sucks.

This man knows how to tell it like it is, and he does it so often it's hard to keep up.

On Mussolini

When asked why he was retweeting a Mussolini quote, and if he really wanted to be associated with a fascist, our Donald said:

“No, I want to be associated with interesting quotes. And people, you know, I have almost 14 million people between Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and all of that.

And we do interesting things. And I sent it out. And certainly, hey, it got your attention, didn't it?” - DTrump

August 20, 2016 - Trump By Subject

On Hillary Clinton

"Clinton would make a good vice president. Well, I know her and

she'd make a good president or good vice president." - DTrump FOX News

IMAGE: Politico, 2016

"Hillary Clinton, I think, is a terrific woman." - DTrump

March 29, 2012 ~ In an interview with Greta Van Susteren on FOX News, Donald said, "Hillary Clinton I think is a terrific woman. I am biased because I have known her for years. I live in New York. She lives in New York. I really like her and her husband both a lot. I think she really works hard. And I think, again, she's given an agenda, it is not all of her, but I think she really works hard and I think she does a good job. I like her." All we can say is, he must have been drunk, right? Of course, back in 2008 he must have been drunk too when Donald said, "I know Hillary and I think she'd make a great president or vice-president."

“I’m not running against crooked Hillary, I’m running against the crooked media.

That’s what I’m running against, I’m not running against crooked Hillary.”

August 13, 2016 ~ Trump has repeatedly lashed out at media that he calls “dishonest” over the course of his campaign. His revoked press credentials, and basically rules with an iron fist when it comes to reporting on whatever it is he's saying at the time. This quote, taken from a rally in Fairfield, Conn, although it looks like we made it up, is an actual quote. We thought he was running for President. Apparently, not.

On American Loyalty 

"My people are so smart. I could stand in the middle of 5th Ave. and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters, o.k." - DTrump CNN

January 23, 2016 ~ At a Trump rally in Iowa, the GOP frontrunner bragged about the loyalty of his fans.

On Clean Energy

“The wind kills all your birds,” Trump said. “All your birds, killed. You know, the environmentalists never talk about that.” - DTrump Washington Examiner

August 2, 2016 ~ At a Trump rally in Pennsylvania, Donald repeated his preference for coal and natural gas, and said that solar power is unreliable and wind turbines are unsightly and harmful to wildlife. Donald tells us, "The alternative is so expensive. Honestly, it’s not working so good. I know a lot about solar. I love solar. But the payback is what, 18 years?" adding, "They have not perfected it." As for wind, Donald teaches us, "You have all these windmills all over the place driving you loco when you look at it, right? The worst part is the ones where each windmill is made by a different company, different shapes, different sizes, it looks like a junkyard. They are putting your business out of business." Of course none of this thinking is new. Back in 2012, Trump told us, "Wind turbines are not only killing millions of birds, they are killing the finances & environment of many countries & communities." So. take that, windmills.

"I think ultimately coal will be inexpensive and (we) got to get rid of some of the regulations. I spoke to some mine owners and they were surrounded by some of the miners and they were showing some of the regulations where it's on a daily basis going in checking, checking, checking and it's out of control." - DTrump Huffington Post

May 26, 2016 ~ Mining companies in America have a cherished history in the United States. And yes, mines are closing. Families that have worked in the the caverns for decades are finding themselves out of work, their towns emptying out, their black face traditions disrupted. But the real reasons have nothing to do with regulation. Getting the stuff out of the ground is not the problem. 

As Bloomberg puts it, "When you find yourself in a hole, the saying goes, stop digging. A simple lesson that arguably has bypassed a mining industry that’s wiped out more than $1.4 trillion of shareholder value by digging too many holes around the globe." Since Trump is such a 'supply and demand' guy, you'd think he'd have researched the subject. Apparently, at the current rate of consumption, bulging stockpiles of coal hoarded worldwide will take decades to deplete. Since there is currently little demand, of course the supply side's gonna feel the burn. 

At the same time that above-ground coal is at an all time high, the use of coal as an energy source has taken a hit due to the rapid growth of the natural gas and renewable energy industries. No matter how you feel about fracking, it's certainly disrupted the use of coal worldwide. 

Trump also says, "The restrictions environmentally are so where inspectors come two and three times a day and they can't afford it any longer and they're closing all the mines. And the miners are being put out of work. It's not gonna happen anymore, folks. We're gonna use our heads. We're gonna use our heads." What we found is that more than 2,700 mining company owners have failed to pay nearly $70 million in delinquent penalties. In reality, the top nine mine owners owe more than $1 million each in fines for violations they never remedy, and delinquent mine owners alone account for 130,000 violations and close to 4,000 injuries per year on average.

Now, we can understand that Donald's heart goes out to coal mine owners everywhere. Nonetheless, we're pretty sure that coal mine owners are eating. First of all, they're billionaires. That's why Trump's friends with them in the first place. When he said he has "mine owner friends," he was referring specifically to Don Blankenship, the former CEO at Massey Mines. Trump was sad the man was being convicted for blatant safety violations and refusing to comply with regulations leading to the death of 52 people. Yes, 52 men were killed at Massey mines while Blankenship was CEO of that company, but man that must have been over a period of years, right? So what's the big deal? The penalty he received meant he will end up serving one week in prison per death. On this one, we agree have to with UMWA International President Cecil Roberts, who said, "That’s a travesty.”

At a press conference, Donald shared his plans to make it all better, "Well, the market forces will be whatever they are. All I can do is free up the coal and totally do. Get the companies back to work. Market forces, that's something I don't want to get involved with. That's a beautiful -- to me, market forces are a beautiful force." 

A Khanstitutional Argument

"Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on" - DTrump ABC News

December 7, 2015 ~ In this press release on Donald Trump's website, he quotes a poll done by the Center For Security Policy and begins his statement as follows, "Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on" adding, "It is obvious to anybody the hatred is beyond comprehension. Where this hatred comes from and why we will have to determine. Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life." The Washington D.C. based Center for Security Policy (CSP) is a self proclaimed national security think tank that has been widely accused of engaging in conspiracy theorizing and has been described as "disreputable" by the Southern Poverty Law Center who designated the CSP as a hate group in 2016. Of course, when you're shopping for hate, who better to quote than a hate group.

Although this ban was universally condemned by everyone from Wolf Blitzer to Paul Ryan, Trump never backed down on this pronouncement. But it never seemed to affect him in the polls. The more he cries for Nationalism, the more his fans cheer. The trouble really started when Khizr Khan, who became a United States citizen after emigrating from Pakistan in 1980, issued a challenge to Trump during the DNC convention. While holding a pocket copy of the Constitution, one he had conveniently pulled from his front pocket, he asked Trump if he had really ever read the Constitution. The question came in reaction to statements the candidate made throughout his run that Muslims needed to be banned from entering the United States until "we can figure this all out."

“Mr Khan has no right to stand in front of millions of people and claim I have never read the constitution (which is false) and say many other inaccurate things.” - DTrump Mediaite

Trump's surrogates went on a blitz after Trump attacked a Gold Star family, Khizr Khan and his wife, for suggesting the candidate had not read the Constitution. Emboldened by the support, Trump dug deeper.

"I saw him (Khan). He was very emotional and probably looked like a nice guy to me. His wife … if you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say. She probably, maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. You tell me," Trump continued. "But a plenty of people have written that. She was extremely quiet, and it looked like she had nothing to say. A lot of people have said that."

- DTrump Real Clear Politics

During the RNC speech, Khan had also mentioned he thought Trump had never really sacrificed anything, or anyone, clearly referring to the loss of his son. Trump responded.

"I think I've made a lot of sacrifices," Trump said. "I've worked very, very hard. I've created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs …" DTrump CNN

At a foreign policy address given in Youngstown, Ohio, businessman Trump explained his position further, proposed instituting an ideological test to visa applicants before allowing them to enter the country. Under the test, Trump said, applicants would be subjected to “extreme, extreme vetting” in order to “screen out any who have hostile attitudes toward our country or its principles." When asked about his ban, Trump replied.

"This has nothing to do with religion. It's about safety." - DTrump

December 9, 2015 ~ Commenting on his previous call for a ban on all muslims entering the U.S., and the religious test it would require of all incoming immigrants, Donald tells us, "This has nothing to do with religion. It's about safety," adding, "These are people that are outside the country, so we're really not talking about the Constitution."

On Refugees

“There is no way of vetting them (Somali refugees).

This could be the great Trojan Horse of all time." - DTrump Boston Globe

August 5, 2016 ~ Maine is the nation’s whitest state, and proud of it, but it’s also home to concentrated communities of African and Iraqi immigrants — many of them refugees. During his third general election appearance in Maine, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump hit hard on his new hot-button issue: the resettlement of Somali refugees in the United States. First things first, the Republican Party nominee said the United States needed to stop admitting refugees from Somalia. He said that the U.S. was opening its doors to people from unstable countries and that the practice could be "the great Trojan horse of all time." “We’ve just seen many, many crimes, getting worse all the time. And as Maine knows — Somali resettlement in Minnesota has frayed that state’s safety net while establishing a terrorist enclave. It’s creating a rich pool of Islamist terror groups. It’s happening. You see it happening. You read about it." 

The two major resettlement areas for Somali refugees in Maine are, in fact, Lewiston and Portland. As of the posting of this quote, there are no known terrorist attacks that have originated from either city; but that could, of course, change at any time. As for the unemployment rates, in Lewiston, the unemployment rate is 3.5 percent; and, according to the city, general assistance payments to refugees has dropped off as the resettlement has slowed to a trickle. Additionally, according to state data, Lewiston's crime rate fell by more than 23 percent between 2005 and 2014. We should note that Somali immigrants began to arrive in 2001. Nonetheless, "America," Donald warns us, " has never been more unsafe."

But What He Really Meant To Say Was...

Having to compete in the daily What-Trump-Really-Meant-To-Say gymanstics, ya have to give it up for those who have to regularly defend the things Donald J. Trump, the candidate, has to say. Since we call out the candidate here daily with sarcasm, it's funny he should also suddenly decide that sarcasm is the best way for a Presidential candidate to communicate. What we have here, is a failure.

On Military Service

"I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier."

- DTrump Military Times

August 2, 2016 ~ When handed a purple heart by a supporter who's a veteran - "Man that's, like, that's like good stuff. I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier." - Donald Trump

"He (John McCain) is not a war hero. He's a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren't captured, OK?" - DTrump Bloomberg Politics

July 18, 2015 ~ Asked why he didn't serve in the Vietnam War, Trump responded that he had a bone spur, although he couldn't remember in which foot. "It's a long time ago. I had student deferments and ultimately had a medical deferment because of my feet," he said. The real estate mogul lit into Senator John McCain of Arizona when speaking to a conservative conference, even going after his legendary military service—and drawing instant condemnation from fellow candidates, members of Congress, and various leading veterans' advocacy groups.

"It's my own personal Vietnam (sleeping around in the 80's and 90's). I feel like a great and very brave soldier." - DTrump

1997 ~ Appearing on the Howard Stern show in 1997, GOP front-runner Donald Trump was asked about his relationships and dating habits. Trump told Stern that because of sexually-transmitted diseases, his dating life was dangerous, comparing his dating and sexual exploits to fighting in the Vietnam War. On air, he shared, “It's amazing. I can't even believe it. I’ve been so lucky in terms of that whole world (dating and STDs). It is a dangerous world out there — it’s scary, like Vietnam. Sort of like the Vietnam era. It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave solider."

With his long list of conquests, it would seem someone should have taken him out long ago. But by the rather strange reports of his own doctor, all of Trump's recent blood work tested positive. Confusing, we know, but he clears it up later in his statement attesting to the fact that Trump will be the healthiest individual ever to run for President. I know, right? And since Donald put in four student deferments during the Vietnam War, and then claimed to have bone spurs in one of his feet - although he can't seem to remember which one nowadays - having sex on the reg in the 80's was the closest Trump ever did come to being in a war zone.

"I know more about ISIS than the generals do. Believe me." - DTrump Daily Kos

November 12, 2015 ~ Trump's anger took a new -- and even more appealing -- turn during a rambling and, at times, incoherent 95-minute speech in Fort Dodge during this rally of his troops. The address reads like a laundry list of grievances and grudges that the billionaire businessman has been carrying with him in the campaign. It's the sort of juvenile score-settling that one associates more with junior high school than a campaign for president of the United States, and no one does school yard bully better than Donald

“I know words, I have the best words. I have the best, but there is no better word than stupid." - DTrump

See Trump saying everything you need to say when running for President....(video)

On Women

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood

coming out of her… wherever…” - DTrump The Daily Beast

It was a disgustingly sexist statement directed at Fox News superstar Megyn Kelly, and one that drew the ire of many Republicans—including Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and Red State’s Erick Erickson, who rescinded his invitation for Trump to speak at a conservative gathering the following Saturday night.

"I would like to think she (Ivanka) would find another career or find another company if that (sexual harassment) was the case." - DTrump Washington Post

August 2, 2016 ~ Donald Trump said that women who are sexually harassed in the workplace can take action within their company, leave their employer while still seeking retribution, or quit. “I think it’s got to be up to the individual,” Trump said in an interview. “It also depends on what’s available. There may be a better alternative; then there may not. If there’s not a better alternative, then you stay. But it could be there’s a better alternative where you’re taken care of better.” The Republican presidential nominee’s comments came after he drew criticism late Monday for an interview with USA Today in which he said that if his daughter Ivanka were sexually harassed it would be up to her to find a new situation. “I would like to think she would find another career or find another company if that was the case,” Trump said.

"The answer is that there has to be some form of punishment (for abortion).

There has to be some form.” - DTrump Washington Post

March 29, 2016 ~ Our GOP front-runner said during a town hall hosted by MSNBC that criminal punishments would be appropriate for women seeking abortions if the procedure were made illegal nationwide. Moderator Chris Matthews pressed Trump on the practical implications of banning abortions. 

“This is not something you can dodge. If you say abortion is a crime or abortion is murder, you have to deal with it under the law. Should abortion be punished?" Matthews said.

"The answer is that there has to be some form of punishment," Trump responded. "There has to be some form.” Of course, he tried to clean this up a few days later saying, "I didn't mean punishment for women like prison. I'm saying women punish themselves."

As the laws stand now, there is no form of punishment on the books for a woman getting an abortion in the United States. Not like jail time anyway. But when we looked into what Republicans have been able to get on the books these last two years, we were stunned.

Here’s what will happen after a woman gets an abortion in the state of Indiana right now. She will be told, verbally and in writing, that she has the right to choose what she does with her aborted fetus. She will be given a list of her options for disposal, and offered counseling. The fetus does not have to be named, but it will receive its own burial-transit form, just like any dead body. This form will travel with it to a funeral home, where it will be buried or cremated. There won’t necessarily be a ceremony; the fetus may not get its own headstone or urn. But it will be laid to rest in the way of a human. Aborted fetuses in Indiana, nearly all smaller than a peapod, will no longer be treated as medical waste.

Indiana is not alone in its concern for the final resting place of fetuses. In March, South Dakota made it illegal to use aborted fetal tissue in research, and in April, Idaho and Alabama made it illegal to donate or experiment on any remains. The legislatures of Ohio, South Carolina, andMississippi have all recently considered burial and cremation requirements, and Arkansas and Georgia already have similar statutes in place. Like many of these other states, Indiana’s law effectively prohibits women or health-care facilities from donating fetal tissue for medical research.

For women who miscarry or go through emergency medical abortions, this law creates a mechanism for grieving. Hospitals will provide not only medical advice, but tools for memorializing loss. For others—who may be happy, sad, or indifferent about terminating their pregnancy—the purpose of the ritual is less clear. Perhaps legislators want to peel women’s eyelids open, Clockwork Orange-style, and make them confront the meaning of abortion. Perhaps they wanted fetuses to be seen in the way they seem to them: as human.

A congressman recently suggested that 'if legitimately raped, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down.' One Governor signed a bill to force pregnant women to have vaginal ultrasounds if they inquire about having an abortion. But at this time, despite best efforts of the conservative right, there is still no jail time type of punishment for "the woman" if she has an abortion. Kinda of a Roe v Wade thingy. But who knows? At the rate these Republicans are drafting and passing and signing bills, if Trump becomes President he'll get to appoint some of his judges to the Supreme Court, and well, then we'll see what Trump punishment actually looks like.

On United States Elections

“I just hear things (voter fraud), and I just feel it.” - DTrump Quartz

August 1, 2016 ~ As anyone who listens to The Don will tell you, voter fraud is a real problem, and Donald Trump believes the only way he can lose in November (2016) is by way of just that, a national voter-fraud conspiracy against him. “I’m talking about at the voter booth,” he said. “I mean, we’ve seen a lot of things over the years. And now without the IDs, you know the voter IDs, and all the things that are going on. And some bad court cases have come down.” When asked by a CBS reporter in Florida whether he had any concrete knowledge of wrongdoing anywhere in the United States this time around, he said “I just hear things, and I just feel it.” Donald Trump even told supporters at a campaign event in Ohio that he fears “the election’s going to be rigged” on Nov. 8th. “I hope the Republicans are watching closely or it’s going to be taken away from us,” he warned, predicting a flare up of pro-Democrat voter fraud.

"You've been hearing me say it's a rigged system (GOP primaries), but now I don't say it anymore because I won. It's true. Now I don't care." - DTrump Washington Examiner

May 5, 2016 ~ "You've been hearing me say it's a rigged system, but now I don't say it anymore because I won. It's true. Now I don't care. I don't care," Trump said during a rally in West Virginia. "And the only way I won was I won by such big margins because it is a rigged system. But the only way you can do it, it's like a boxer, you got to knock them out then you don't got to worry about the judges. But it's true." Trump continued to talk about a number of different subjects, including the fact that his hair was real, and that his decision to run for president was "not something that I really wanted to do."

" Trying to fact-check a Donald Trump speech is like

trying to empty the ocean with a teacup." - Michael A. Cohen Boston Globe

The Four Times Donald Trump told reporters, 'It's none of your business'

On Foreign Affairs

“I have my own ideas. He’s (Putin) not going into Ukraine, OK, just so you understand. He's not going to go into Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down. You can take it anywhere you want.” - DTrump ABC News This Week

July 31, 2016 ~ This one is fascinating, and it all started when Trump was asked why his team insisted on removing a provision in the Republican Party's platform that supported Ukraine against Russia in a violent takeover that began in 2014. You see, at the start of the Republican National Convention, each four years, a committee meets to decide what the official platform of the Republican Party is as they move forward for the next four years - the term of a President. In 2016, our Republican committee members put forth a fine, robust series of points they wanted included in what is essentially an edict for the Republican candidate to run on in the general election; a guidebook of ideas to implement as they transition into the Oval Office. In 2016, the RNC decided to focus on a range of issues - from Rebuilding the Economy and Announcing Porn as a Public Health Crisis to Creating Jobs and Anti-abortion Issues - even managing to suggest that Selling off some National Parks might help with our deficit

[It is interesting to note, those leading the committee repeatedly rejected efforts by their more moderate members to add language that would acknowledge or condemn anti-gay discrimination, even though Mr. Trump himself has condemned such legislation. Instead, the committee laid out their concerns on which bathrooms transgenders can use, with the platform also pointing out the benefits of "gay conversion therapy." In the end, this year's RNC put together the most alt-right conservative platform the party has seen in over 50 years.]

Donald did not weigh in on any of the points put together by the Republican committee, except one. Reportedly, what Trump's team did focus on, and insisted on having removed, was giving any help to Ukraine against the ongoing invasion by Russia into their Crimean territory. So in this interview, when asked why that was the case, Trump answered, as you can see, "I have my own ideas. He’s (Putin) not going into Ukraine, OK, just so you understand. He's not going to go into Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down. You can take it anywhere you want.” 

Only problem is, it had already happened, was happening, is happening. In fact, following the downing of flight MH17 over the region by Russian-armed Russian military-uniform wearing separatists in 2014, western governments across the globe united to impose trade sanctions against Putin. Since annexing Crimea, Vladimir has entered two other provinces fomenting war that continues today as some 10,000 lives have already been lost in the ongoing skirmishes. This part of history seems to have slipped by candidate Trump, or perhaps he just has a different view of the invasion. His first response to the question asking what was up at the RNC was that he was not involved in the softening of anti-Russian language in the platform at all. Wah?

In the days that followed this interview, both Trump and his campaign manager, Paul Manafort, former Russian lobbyist for the KGB, claimed they had nothing to do with the rewording of the RNC platform, removing protections for the Ukraine, making this whole thing even odder to explain. OK, maybe Mr. Manafort didn't work for the KGB, but he was most definitely previously employed by Viktor Yanukovych, who was Ukraine's leader in 2010, and who sought to return his country to Russia's orbit of influence. Of course, two decades have passed since Reagan freed the Ukraine from the Soviet Union, and most recently the post-independence politics in the Ukraine had them looking to form stronger ties with Europe and Nato, our American allies, and they had began discussions to join the EU. Manfort's former boss, poor pro-Russian Ukrainian leader Mr. Yanukovych, with his desire to return to the protection of old Mother Russia, was ultimately forced out by street protests and violence in 2014, after which he ran to Russia who took him in and, well, then attacked the Ukraine.

Bottom line, Trump wanted us to mark all of this down and take it anywhere we want, so we did. Our research on this quote has resulted in the following clarity: It seems that Trump didn't know about the Ukraine being invaded, and that his campaign manager certainly did.

"I do have a relationship with Putin. I can tell you he is very interested in what we are doing here today. He's probably very interested in what you and I are saying today, and I'm sure he's going to be seeing it in some form, but I do have a relationship with him"

- DTrump Raw Story

November 13, 2013 ~ "I do have a relationship with Putin. I can tell you he is very interested in what we are doing here today. He's probably very interested in what you and I are saying today, and I'm sure he's going to be seeing it in some form, but I do have a relationship with him, and I think it's very interesting to see what's happened. I mean look, he's (Putin) done a very brilliant job in terms of what he represents and who he's representing if you look at Syria and so many of the other things."

Donald Trump doubled down on the bromance when he spoke at a National Press Club luncheon in 2014, saying, "I was in Russia, I was in Moscow recently and I spoke, indirectly and directly, with President Putin, who could not have been nicer, and we had a tremendous success." On three different ocassions in the public sphere Trump mentioned Putin contacting him, and that he was very nice.

Of course, after the issue of the Ukraine provision surfaced during the Republican National Convention of 2016, Trump updated us on the status of their friendship, "I have no relationship with Putin."

"Saddam Hussein was a bad guy. Right?" He was a bad guy. Really bad guy.

But you know what, he did well? He killed terrorists.

He did that so good they didn't read (them) the rights. They didn't talk."

- DTrump Weekly Standard

July 7, 2016 ~ Well, yes, Saddam Hussein killed terrorists. Trump has a point in saying that Hussein's Iraq was free of the type of widespread Islamic terrorism that flourishes there now. Hussein's opposition to terrorism sprung largely from a desire to eliminate opponents to his rule. Of course, like Trump, Saddam never took any cards off the table, and the dictator was also willing to support terrorism as long as it advanced his interests beyond Iraq’s borders - donating an average of $50,000 in US dollars to any family of a suicide bomber he fanboyed on. So, yeah, of course, Hussein's methods offer a helpful model for a democracy like the United States. Accounts collected by Western human rights groups from Iraqi émigrés and defectors have suggested that the number of those who ‘disappeared' into the hands of the secret police while Saddam was in charge, never to be heard from again, could be 200,000. That's not too many people when you think of the peace and quite it brought to the country. And that doesn’t include an even larger number believed to have been killed during the Iran-Iraq War and the Persian Gulf War. You see, he didn't just kill terrorists, he gassed and otherwise murdered Kurds, Shia, and anyone else he didn't like. Trump brings up Saddam Hussein, clearly, because it's that kind of leadership we need in America today.

“I’m the only one up here, when the war of Iraq — in Iraq, I was the one that said, ‘Don’t go, don’t do it, you’re going to destabilize the Middle East.’”

- DTrump CNN Presidential Town Hall

Trump has repeatedly made the argument in his run for Prez that he knew we should have never gone into Iraq, that he warned us, that we was wise beyond his years. Well, Trump for sure commented on Bush's Iraq war as it was gearing up. Here's everything we found:

"Whatever happened to the days of the Douglas MacArthur. He would go and attack. He wouldn’t talk. We have to - you know, it`s sort like either do it or don`t do it.

- DTrump FactCheck.Org

In a 2002 interview with Howard Stern, Trump was asked directly if he was for invading Iraq, he replied: “Yeah, I guess so.”

“I wish the first time (invading Iraq) it was done correctly.” ~ DTrump LA Times 2003

And that's the only public comments we can find from Trump on Iraq. Period. Maybe he was just thinking it real hard.

"When did we beat Japan at anything? They send their cars over by the millions, and what do we do? When was the last time you saw a Chevrolet in Tokyo?

It doesn't exist, folks." - DTrump Vox

June 16, 2015 ~ "When did we beat Japan at anything?" Trump said in announcing his candidacy June 16, 2015. "They send their cars over by the millions, and what do we do? When was the last time you saw a Chevrolet in Tokyo? It doesn't exist, folks. They beat us all the time."  

"To be sure, if you visit Tokyo, chances are you won’t see a single American brand car during your entire stay," said Hans Greimel, the Asia editor of Automotive News who has documented GM’s troubles in Japan. "They are incredibly rare here because their reputation is bad, so their sales are so low, and they only make two cars with right hand drive." In Japan, as in the U.K., cars drive on the other side of the road and have their steering wheels on the right side.

It is also interesting to note that back in 1986, Japanese auto imports accounted for 23.6 percent of America's overall international trade deficit; by 2012 that number had dropped to a mere 7.1 percent. Trump will help us get to zero!!!

On Our Judicial System

“What happens is the judge (Gonzalo Curiel), who happens to be, we believe, Mexican, which is great. I think that’s fine. But I have a judge who is a hater of Donald Trump, a hater. He’s a hater. And I figure, what the hell? Why not talk about it for two minutes?” - DTrump Wall Street Journal

May 27, 2016 ~ For judges, being criticized for rulings comes with the territory, but court watchers say it is a degree far different when the critic could win the nation’s highest office, is involved in a pending case and references the judge's ethnicity. Trump announced, “I have a judge who is a hater of Donald Trump, a hater. He’s a hater. His name is Gonzalo Curiel,” and as the crowd of several thousand booed, he added, “He is not doing the right thing. And I figure, what the hell? Why not talk about it for two minutes?” Mr. Trump spoke for far more than two minutes about Judge Curiel and the Trump University case–he devoted 12 minutes of a 58-minute address to the litigation, which is scheduled to go to trial in San Diego federal court Nov. 28, 2016.

On Finance

"I’m a greedy person. I shouldn’t tell you that -- I’m a greedy...I’ve always been greedy." -DTrump

On Torture

“He’ll (Paris attacker) talk a lot faster with the torture." - DTrump CNN

March 22, 2016 ~ Wolf Blitzer asked Trump about torturing the mastermind behind the Paris attacks or whether they should cooperate first and get him talking. Trump said, “He’ll talk a lot faster with the torture," explaining, “We can’t waterboard, which is––look, nothing’s nice about it, but it’s your minimal form of torture.” Of course, liberal rags like Newsweek will tell you torture doesn't work, and that there is no proof in all of the history of time that information obtained under duress is suspect, polluted from the start, and difficult to verify, but our Donald will tell you he knows better. Trump's talked a good game about waterboarding our enemies, how he'd bomb the shit out 'em, how we should attack the families of those who commit terrorist acts, etc. etc. This guy wouldn't know how to talk softly if was walking through a mine field. But when it comes to whether or nottorture works, the jury is not out. Research has been done over hundreds of years. We know what we get with torture. Lies.

White Power

"Well, just so you understand, I don't know anything about David Duke. okay? I don't know anything about what you're even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists. So, I don't know. I don't know, did he endorse me or what's going on, because, you know, I know nothing about David Duke. I know nothing about white supremacists." - DTrump Politifact

February 28, 2016 ~ That was Donald's quote on this day. And don't get him wrong folks, he's known 'nothing' about white supremacy for some time. In August of 2015, almost 6 months earlier, Trump was told of David Duke's support in an interview with John Heilemann of Bloomberg, and when asked if he would repudiate David Duke's support, he offered, "Sure, I would do that if it made you feel better. I would certainly repudiate. I don’t know anything about him. Somebody told me yesterday, whoever he is, he did endorse me. And actually I don’t think it was an endorsement. He said I was absolutely the best of all the candidates. But I wouldn’t want him …" Then again, back in 2000, on NBC's Today Show, Trump told Matt Lauer "Well, you've got David Duke just joined — a big racist, a problem. I mean, this is not exactly the people you want in your party." In 1991, Trump commented on Duke's bid for office at that time as well, saying, "I think Bush had to come out against him (Duke). I think Bush — if David Duke runs, David Duke is going to get a lot of votes. Whether that be good or bad, David Duke is going to get a lot of votes," adding, "I hate seeing what it (David Duke's run) represents, but I guess it just shows there's a lot of hostility in this country. There's a tremendous amount of hostility in the United States." And there you have it folks. Whatever Trump knew about white supremacy he clearly forgot, but wrangling the hostility, well he's all over that.

The 1st Amendment

"I'm going to open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money." - DTrump CNN Money

February 26, 2016 ~ No one says it better than The Donald, so here he is during a rally in Fort Worth, Texas speaking on the topic of the press, "One of the things I'm going to do if I win... I'm going to open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money," adding, "We're going to open up those libel laws so when The New York Times writes a hit piece, which is a total disgrace, or when the Washington Post, which is there for other reasons, writes a hit piece, we can sue them and win money instead of having no chance of winning because they're totally protected," he said. "We're going to open up libel laws and we're going to have people sue you like you've never got sued before." Of course, those remarks immediately drew criticism from journalists, including The New Yorker's John Cassidy, who wrote: "Trump takes attacks on media to new level -- says as president he'll try to gut the First Amendment."

Two months earlier, during a rally, while defending Putin's clamping down on any Freedom of the Press in Russia, Trump let his freak flag fly telling the crowd, "They said he's killed reporters. And I don't like that. I'm totally against that. And by the way, I hate some of these people. But I would never kill them. I hate them," adding, "I would never kill them, but I do hate them. And some of them are such lying, disgusting people. It's true."

“We have to see Bill Gates and a lot of different people that really

understand what’s happening. We have to talk to them maybe

in certain areas, closing that internet up in some way.

Somebody will say, ‘Oh, freedom of speech. Freedom of speech.’

These are foolish people. We have a lot of foolish people.” - DTrump Glenn Beck

December 9, 2015 ~ Trump suggested Bill Gates close the internet “in some way,” saying people who ask about freedom of speech are foolish. “We have to see Bill Gates and a lot of different people that really understand what’s happening. We have to talk to them maybe in certain areas, closing that internet up in some way. Somebody will say, ‘Oh, freedom of speech. Freedom of speech.’ These are foolish people. We have a lot of foolish people.”

"When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government

almost blew it. Then they were vicious, they were horrible...

That shows you the power of strength." - DTrump Playboy Magazine

1990 ~ Trump has always felt America is weak. When asked more than 25 years ago, he was already preaching a strong hand when it comes to dealing with the electorate. Here he shared his thoughts on the student uprising in China that had just played out on the international stage. "When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it. Then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength. Our country is right now perceived as weak … as being spit on by the rest of the world."

Leading The Angry

On harnassing anger - Republican National Debate on FOX

"I'm very angry because our country is being run horribly and I will gladly accept the mantle of anger." - DTrump

January 15, 2016 ~ During the sixth Presidential debate in the primary race, Donald told us, "I’m very angry because our country is being run horribly and I will gladly accept the mantle of anger," adding, almost as an afterthought, "Our military is a disaster."

On Tourism

"The first thing I'd do in my first day as president is close up our borders so that illegal immigrants cannot come into our country." - DTrump The Hill

September 21, 2015 ~ Not sure if Donald is taking into account air travel, our flourishing tourism economy, boats, our coastlines, or our northern border with Canada, but you best be assured, he'll be on it, day one.

On Japanese Internment

“It’s a tough thing (the internment of Japanese Americans). It’s tough. But you know war is tough. And winning is tough. We don’t win anymore. We don’t win wars anymore. We don’t win wars anymore. We’re not a strong country anymore. We’re just so off.” - DTrump Time Magazine

August 8, 2015 ~ Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump told TIME Magazine that he does not know whether he would have supported or opposed the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. “I would have had to be there at the time to tell you, to give you a proper answer,” he said during a recent interview in his office in New York City. “I certainly hate the concept of it. But I would have had to be there at the time to give you a proper answer.” Trump added that he believes wartime sometimes requires difficult choices. “It’s a tough thing. It’s tough,” he said. “But you know war is tough. And winning is tough. We don’t win anymore. We don’t win wars anymore. We don’t win wars anymore. We’re not a strong country anymore. We’re just so off.”

Well, damn straight. Pesky Japs have been dealt with far to fairly for far to long. And this problem started way before the internment camps popped up. Back when America was Great, ya know, when the Yellow Peril was a real thing, America also was in need of unskilled farmhands to help build out the western United States. Of course, local farmers viewed Asian immigrants, who came in droves for the work — particularly Japanese — as threats to their jobs. In 1917, the US even passed an immigration act that established most of Asia (including Japan) as a zone barred from further immigration. Steps were taken to protect white American interests, and California banned land ownership by these two ethnic groups. That's the kind of quality leadership Trump promises to use when he gets to the White House.

Our Neighbors To The South

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” - DTrump Huffington Post

August 31, 2015 ~ "Even though only 18 percent of Hispanics take Trump seriously as a presidential candidate, the Republican has vowed that he “will win the Latino vote” if nominated. And just in case you thought he only loves Mexicans, when it comes to rapists and murderers, the candidate expanded his comments beyond Mexico. “It’s coming from more than Mexico,” he added. “It’s coming from all over South and Latin America...” When asked to clean up some of his comments, since some awful liberals started calling him names, he replied, “I can never apologize for the truth. I don’t mind apologizing for things. But I can’t apologize for the truth. I said tremendous crime is coming across. Everybody knows that’s true. And it’s happening all the time. So, why, when I mention, all of a sudden I’m a racist. I’m not a racist. I don’t have a racist bone in my body.”

“What can be simpler or more accurately stated? The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.” - DTrump Fox News

July 5, 2015 ~ Howard Kurtz asked the 2016 presidential candidate if he wanted to apologize for the controversial statements he made while announcing his run for president. "I don't have to say that," Trump replied. "In terms of the border, it's a disgrace. Either we have a border or we don't have a country," adding, "I can never apologize for the truth, I don't mind apologizing for things, but I can't apologize for the truth. I said tremendous crime is coming across, everybody knows that's true, and it's happening all the time." Donald, of course, also proclaimed that he's not a racist. "Frankly, I'm the one that's going to bring back health to the country. I'm going to make America great again; politicians aren't going to do that."

Nuclear Weapons

"Nuclear is powerful; my uncle explained that to me many, many years ago, the power and that was 35 years ago; he would explain the power of what's going to happen and he was right—who would have thought?" - DTrump Slate Magazine

July 31, 2015 ~ "Look, having nuclear—my uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, Dr. John Trump at MIT; good genes, very good genes, OK, very smart, the Wharton School of Finance, very good, very smart—you know, if you’re a conservative Republican, if I were a liberal, if, like, OK, if I ran as a liberal Democrat, they would say I'm one of the smartest people anywhere in the world—it’s true!—but when you're a conservative Republican they try—oh, do they do a number—that’s why I always start off: Went to Wharton, was a good student, went there, went there, did this, built a fortune—you know I have to give my like credentials all the time, because we’re a little disadvantaged—but you look at the nuclear deal, the thing that really bothers me—it would have been so easy, and it’s not as important as these lives are (nuclear is powerful; my uncle explained that to me many, many years ago, the power and that was 35 years ago; he would explain the power of what's going to happen and he was right—who would have thought?), but when you look at what's going on with the four prisoners—now it used to be three, now it’s four—but when it was three and even now, I would have said it's all in the messenger; fellas, and it is fellas because, you know, they don't, they haven’t figured that the women are smarter right now than the men, so, you know, it’s gonna take them about another 150 years—but the Persians are great negotiators, the Iranians are great negotiators, so, and they, they just killed, they just killed us."

- Donald J. Trump (quote has been posted here without edit)

On The Economy

"I've been around a long time. And it just seems the economy does better under the Democrats than under Republicans. I mean, if you go back, it certainly seems the economy does better under the Democrats. We've had some very good economies under Democrats, and some pretty big disasters under Republicans."

- DTrump CNN Wolf Blitzer

March 21, 2004 ~ We're certain that Donald didn't mean it when he said it, and certainly he wouldn't say it now, and mostly his words were probably twisted by the media, we mean, like, for sure. So we found a video of his interview on CNN at the time. You know they must have edited it to make him say those things. Right? 

On His Hair

“It’s true you have better hair than I do. But I get more pussy than you do.”

- DTrump Politico

2001 ~ In an essay for the POLITICO Magazine, Tucker Carlson recalls one of his first interactions with Donald Trump. "About 15 years ago, I said something nasty on CNN about Donald Trump’s hair. I can’t now remember the context, assuming there was one. In any case, Trump saw it and left a message the next day. “It’s true you have better hair than I do,” Trump said matter-of-factly. “But I get more pussy than you do." Click. At the the time, I’d never met Trump and I remember feeling amused but also surprised he’d say something like that. Now the pattern seems entirely familiar. The message had all the hallmarks of a Trump attack: shocking, vulgar and indisputably true."

Politifact rates 182 of Trump's public statements. 

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