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A curated collection of videos, quotes and facts

... for sharing.

What Has Donald Done Now?

A Feeble Attempt at Keeping Track of Everything You Need To Know


Election Chic Shopping

Gifts for the discerning critic in the family


Your attention please. These items were not produced by Donald Trump or any of his companies. These items are not manufactured by anyone licensing the Trump name. These items aren't even really about Donald Trump. They are, however, all about Free Speech.

Proceeds from all purchases go to supporting the staff and keeping the lights on here at


Penny for our thoughts?

Extra Large Donald Pinatas - HUGE


The absolute best selection of Snarky Progressive and Anti-Trump T-shirts Anywhere. Huge. Tremendous. Believe Us.


Dump Trump Moral Decision

Pro-America Anti-Trump

Smells Like Teen Drumpf

Trump Busters Adult Men's

Rachel Maddow For President

Rachel Maddow Show

Rachel Maddow U.S. Senate

Trump on A Tank

Trumpbusters Kids Size

Double Sided Don't Be A Dick

I Know Words

Stop Trump! We Can Do It!

Trump Four Across

Love Trumps Hate


Without Immigrants Trump'd be Single

NOPE To Trump Men's

Never Trump Men's

Donald McDrumpf

Men's Notorious RBG

Women's Notorious RBG

Never Underestimate

If Guns Don't Kill

Feel The Bern Blue

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Feel The Birdy

Trump Putin Kiss

Make Tyranny Great Again

Make Tyranny Great Blue

Trump Putin Women's Tank

Obi-Wan For President

Tuck Frump

Feel The Burn Orange

Featured Vendor

Mean Progressive

We love this guys. Make sure you follow them on Twitter @Mean Progressive. They're designs are great for gifts. Or rallies. Or to upset Uncle Cletus over the holidays. We can't post all of their designs here, so you'll just have to click on the photo and shop at their online story. Our favorite one of theirs reads, "I Support Planned Parenthood...Because I'm Not An Asshole."

Other Stuff You Don't Need But Ya Want

Trump Face Toilet Paper