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A curated collection of videos, quotes and facts

... for sharing.

What Has Donald Done Now?

A Feeble Attempt at Keeping Track of Everything You Need To Know


Drink & Drumpf

Rules and Directions

This year The Donald J. Trump celebrated his 70th Anniversary here on earth. Let's see, what's the appropriate gift for a 70th Anniversary? We know a 5th Anniversary gift is supposed to be wood, but Trump assures us he gets plenty of wood. Google says a 20th Anniversarian gets China, but we know Trump doesn't like China. A traditional 50th Anniversary present would be something made out of gold. But then, that's not the right year. Trump is 70 years old now, not 50. Ah, there it is. A most appropriate gift for a 70th Anniversary would be Platinum, if you're old school, or Iron for a more modern gesture.

Well, in honor of the old guy's big 7-0, we've invented a drinking game called: DRINK AND DRUMPF: The Platinum or Iron Game

((PLAY NOW)) Here's how it works. Once you enter the game, you'll find a list of some of Donald J. Trump's more incendiary statements. We've fact checked the fact-checkers and the results are in. Each time he's telling the truth, the sound bite gets a little "PLATINUM" rating. If, on the other hand, Trump made up the fact wholesale, borrowed it from a Neo-Nazi on Twitter, or read it on Breitbart, we've given the comment an "IRON" rating. Ready to play? Let's go. -- 

We'll try to generate more game pieces daily. Bear with us. She's a brand new toy. 

Drink & Drumpf

Rules And Conditions

Although alcoholic consumption by legal age adults is suggested by the rules of this game,

DRINK & DRUMPF can also be played without intoxication of any kind. 


Rule #1 - First you need to pick a designated driver (DD). Confiscate keys & make plans to get everyone home safely before beginning to play.

Rule #2 - If there are any disputes on the rulings, players will need to click on any supporting links in the BACKGROUND, RULING, or BONUS sections for helpful sources to settle the argument.

Rule #3 - If any dispute can not be resolved after following Rule #2, and no google searches can help with said disputes, stalemates can be broken by using the Feats of Strength Wrestling Rules used during traditional Festivus gatherings 


  1. Each round begins when designated driver (DD) reads a DJ Trump quote to the rest of the party from one of the game pieces.
  2. DD can either read every game piece or designate any other player to read the next game piece quote at any time, without exception, as long as DD has not previously seen the contents of that game piece.
  3. After the quote is read aloud, everyone else other than the designated reader must write down on a scrap of paper whether or not they think that quote is true=PLATINUM or false=IRON
  4. Before the game can continue, each person's paper needs to be set aside in front of them, folded up.
  5. Once everyone's opinion is folded in front of them, DD - or any designated reader - must read out loud the BACKGROUND for the quote and the RULING on the quote. Reading the BONUS Info section on any quote is optional.
  6. AFTER the reading of the BACKGROUND and RULING, everyone's folded answer is opened to reveal whether they had thought the quote was true or false, PLATINUM or IRON.
  7. 7. You can decide for yourself if players drink when they guessed right, or if players drink when they get it wrong. If you are first time players, and not sure of a preference, a flip of a coin can also make that decision for the group at the start of the game.
  8. 8. If the party is going non-alcoholic, points can be kept, a pool could be collected, and the player with the most correct guesses at the end of the night could take home the pot.
  9. 9. Game is over on Election Day November 8th or when you run out of game pieces, whichever comes first.

NOTE: There is plenty of time to drink responsibly between rounds as it'll take a minute for your designated reader to read out the reasoning behind each RULING. Just long enough to grab a snack.

Have fun, and ~ as always ~ DRINK & DRUMPF RESPONSIBLY