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A curated collection of videos, quotes and facts

... for sharing.

What Has Donald Done Now?

A Feeble Attempt at Keeping Track of Everything You Need To Know


Dillary, A Love Story ~ Continued

By Edward Savio

Click For Previous Episodes

Dillary #10 - Hovel

 Dillary #11 - Our Friend From The North Part 1

Dillary #12 - Passport Control

Dillary #13 - Make America...

Dillary #14 - Where No Man...

Dillary #15 Do Re Mi

DILLARY #16 - How To Blend In At A Trump Rally

Kirk and Spock want to take Trump back to whatever planet he came from.

Dillary #17 - He Must Be Winning

What happens when you get a bunch of people together and put them in front of a guy who knows how to sell.

DILLARY #18 - Get Up!

DILLARY #19 - Fore!

Even the man with the most demanding job in the world needs a little down time.

DILLARY #20 - Poll Size Matters 

They say it’s okay if it’s small. They say it still achieves the same outcome. But…

DILLARY #21 - A 1-in-18 Chance

After a long weekend, some fiery competition on the golf course, and a tiny poll problem that had to be addressed, here’s a brief recap and today’s strip.

DILLARY #22 - Hillary is Sarah Conner. Errrr, Okay…

Kirk and Spock calm a threat to Hillary. Kirk learns to enjoy math. Donald is elsewhere, which means our ratings will suffer. #StarTrek50

Dillary #23 – Orange Is The New Trump

It’s the final episode in #StarTrek50 thread (a Double Issue). Spock curates a playlist. And Trump shows why he’s impervious to efforts to silence him. Back to simple pleasures on Monday.

Dillary #24 Why Hillary Really Fell Faint

#HillaryHealth. In a worldwide exclusive, Dillary brings you the truth about Hillary getting overheated. Not for the faint of heart. Unless that heart is faint with love.

Stay Tuned....

Edward Savio is an author and screenwriter. His numerous film projects have been sold to Walt Disney Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment, among others. He's the author of the adult mainstream novels, “Idiots in the Machine,” “Love on Haight,” and soon to be released “The Velvet Sledgehammer.” His teen titles include "Alexander X," the upcoming “Ancient Among Us,” and the young adult comic book “The Stupor Heroes vs. Dr. Earwax."

He lives in San Francisco with his family. Visit: