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What Has Donald Done Now?

A Feeble Attempt at Keeping Track of Everything You Need To Know


October 6, 2016 ~ By Lisa Lindo

Coal Running

For The Love Of Coal

Trump loves him some coal, and often brags about how easy it will be to get the mines up and running again like back in the glory days. He says, "Make America Great Again" and the crowds go, "Trump! Trump! Trump!" He talks about "clean coal" as if that were really a thing and brags about how anybody with half a brain could just invest in coal tomorrow and we'd be back in business. But time and time again Donald's ideas about business are really not actually that practical nor possible.

Trump Promises Clean Coal

Trump's comments to bring back the coal industry from ruin are fraudulent by nature. Yes, mining companies have a cherished history in the United States. Yes, mines are closing, and families that have worked in the caverns for decades are finding themselves with absolutely no job prospects, living in houses whose property values have plummeted, their towns emptying out, their black-face traditions disrupted. But the real reasons the towns are in decline have nothing to do with the GOP's worn out complaint over over-regulation. Getting the stuff out of the ground is not the problem. Trump couldn't just snap his fingers in those first 100 days and get production levels back up with his sheer will.

There is No Demand For Coal

Since Trump is such a 'supply and demand' guy, you'd think he'd have researched the subject, but at the current rate of consumption - with natural gas and renewables replacing previous demand levels and the current bulging rate at which coal is stockpiled - it will take decades to deplete our current stashes of coal worldwide. The demand for new mines operating at full capacity simply does not exist therefore the ability to bring back jobs in the coal industry is complete fiction. These are areas where the workers have lost everything, and instead of helping along with the smooth transition of these skilled-laborer factory towns into new burgeoning industries and centers for growth, he says he wants to bring back the good old days of coal - when America was great. But that just isn't possible. He's selling snake oil to patriotic Americans who believe a man running for President who seems to have built an empire must be essentially honest. It's sad to watch him lie about a sector that needs immediate attention and a realistic positive change.

Coal Will Be Our Downfall

And don't even get us started on global warming - Trump actually thinks it's a hoax. Seriously. And even if you think he was kidding, what you have to know is that whether he really thinks China invented global warming or not, Trump will most certainly do nothing about carbon dioxide levels if it were up to him in any way. 

Not Paying A Carbon Tax Makes Him Smart

Do you know how much of our carbon dioxide emissions here in the U.S. are associated with electricity generation from coal alone? According to the U.S Energy Information Administration, in 2015, natural gas was responsible for 28% of our total CO2 emissions. Petroleum was responsible for 1% of our CO2 emissions, and coal was responsible for 71% of the CO2 emissions. That was for last year and only numbers coming from the United States Any person who cares about the earth knows that limiting C02 emissions is critical. Every day we continue to pollute at these levels is a day we take away from the quality of our great-grandchildren's lives. Trump has grandchildren. You would think he would care.